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Debit Card

1. What is a Debit Card?

A debit card is a plastic card that provides the cardholder electronic access to his/her bank account (s) at a Financial Institution. Debit cards relay a message to the cardholder's bank to withdraw funds from a payee's designated bank account. PBGB RuPay Debit Card is an instrument that can be used to avail of banking services such as cash withdrawal, balance enquiry etcfrom any ATM round the clock .

2. Understanding a Debit Card

a) Card Number: It is a 16 digit number linked to customer’s bank account. First 6 digits represent Bank’s identification no.(For RuPay Debit card:607079,For RuPay KCC:607294), next 4 digits represent Branch Sol ID. Remaining digits indicates serial number of the cards issued by that particular branch. Currently Bank issue debit cards with 16 digit lengths.

b) Valid Date: It is in mm/yy format. The card is valid till the last day of the month

c) Card Verification Value (CVV) /CVV2: A 03 (Three) digit number printed on the back side of every debit card. This is used for validation of online transactions.

d) Magnetic Strip: Important information regarding the debit card is stored in electronic format here and hence any kind of scratches or exposure to magnetic fields will cause damage to the card

3. Personal Identification Number (PIN)

PIN is a four digit secret number/code which is given to the customer at the time of issuing a debit card for the purpose of security. This PIN should never be stored.

4. Services that can be availed of using Debit Cards

At UCO Bank and Other Bank ATMs 1. Withdrawal 2. Balance Enquiry 3. Mini Statement 4. Change of PIN

5. Types of Debit Cards

To start with The Bank will issue Non Personalised Debit cards (without photo). These cards shall be allowed to use at UCO ATM & Other ATMs. While issuing debit cards to the customers, branches to ensure that card holder submits the requisite application form duly signed at all the pages including terms & conditions given in application form for the purpose.

6. Eligibility for Issuance of Debit Cards

The Bank may issue Rupay, Brand of Debit cards (Non Personalised) to be used at all ATMs. Cards to be issued after getting customer request on prescribed application form duly filled and signed by the customer.
Bank will not issue unsolicited cards to customers.
Bank to issue Debit Cards to Savings / Current (Individual and Proprietorship) A/c holders, Staff Over Draft A/c.
Only RuPay Kisan Cards to be issued to KCC A/c holders.
Debit Card should not be issued to deceased, inoperative, HUF, Club, Society & Association etc.
Bank may introduce any other types of cards / Card Schemes to cater to different segment of the customers as per business requirements of the bank subject to formulation of schemes and approval of the same from by IT Committee
Bank to ensure that issuance of Debit cards to be as per the RBI Guidelines.
Bank will not dispatch the card to a customer unsolicited, except when the card is a replacement for a card already held by the customer.
The relationship between the bank and the card holder will be contractual.

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